Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She Said To Add Everything I Could Dream Of....

I'm not sure if she* really knew what she was saying when she said this to me tonight:
"Add Everything You Could Dream Of...."

If that is really the case, I say 
"Dear Pottery Barn, Please just truck out your entire store and deliver it to the following address. Thank you. - Mary Anne"

And no, I am not kidding.
I will be registering at the normal stores everyone seems to register at, but I have a few favorite home stores (besides places like Home Goods - you can't really register there), that will have registry wish lists as I will refer to them. I am sure most of the things on the lists won't be purchased, but I will take her advice to add everything I could dream of.

Places like Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma and Restoration Hardware hold a dear place in my heart. When I walk into Pottery Barn, I feel like I could be at home. When I walk into Williams-Sonoma, I just want to cook and bake and even... clean my kitchen. And at Restoration Hardware, well they stole my heart when I felt a certain little blanket they sell. Each place makes me want to have a very welcoming home. 
I want my home to be a place where when family and friends visit, they too feel like they are at home. I know that it's not what is in the home, but the love that fills your house that makes it a home... but these things do help set the mood, don't they? ;)

The process of registering has been all fun, exciting, a tad overwhelming and now proving to be quite dangerous. I am working with a few stores and am in the middle of editing my lists due to the lack of items in certain stores and the multitude of options on-line.

I am hoping to pretty much have my registries completed by the end of this week. Some tweaking may be made in Pottery Barn if I do end up making a list there. I would like to visit the store once more to scout out a few things to decide which of a few things I like more. I do have to limit my list a little, even if it is all dreaming. I mean, after all, I can't have 7 different sets of everyday glasses. I'd like to, but even I think that is a bit much.

*(she) will remain nameless in case her grand (and I truly mean that) advice ends up backfiring when she sees my wish lists. ;) You know who you are though. hehe- 

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